Siem Reap Airport Spotting Guide

Our member Patrick visited Siem Reap in February 2015 and wrote a guide about the largest Airport in Cambodia. In 2013 the Airport handled 2.663.000 millionen passengers. REP is a Hub for Cambodia Angkor Airlines and Sky Angkor Airlines and the majority of traffic is obviously generated by these 2 carriers.
There are only Asian Airlines serving Siem Reap. Especially the Chinese airlines operate during the nighttime.

You can look up the official airport website for the upcoming arrivals and also ETAs for the flights. Check Flightradar24 or flightstats for further informations.

We never had problems during our stay at the airport and boarding the Aircraft. Be aware all informations can change verry quick.

Written by Patrick Weis. Last visited February 2015.

Rating Movements
Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 05/23
2.550 m (8.336 ft)
 Terminals Domestic International
All national Flights All international flights
Spotting Information Ladder No problems spotting through the fence so no ladder is necessary.
Car Absolutely necessary to get arround the airport. But also a scooter or a tuctuc does the job
Restrooms Only at the terminal.
Drinks/Food In the terminal and as shown on the map
Hotels There are many hotels around the city.
Season The best season in REP is from November until April as there is the lowest precipitation and the lowest Malariarisk.
Runway Usage General Info As there are restrictions because of the temples including Angkor Wat and the goverment don’t allow airplanes to fly over the temples.
05/23 Arrivals are only onto runway 05 and departures on rw 23

Spot #1 – 23 line up morning
WHERE This spot is located at the end of the runway for line up on runway 23. Print out the map and show the driver where you want to go. If you rent a scooter drive behind the terminal until you see the cambodia helicopter sign on the left side. After the corner there is a street on the left side. Follow this one until you’re back at the runway at a crash gate and spot through the fence there.
WHAT You only can take pictures of planes backtracking for a rwy 23 departure. But there is a lot of heathaze during midday.
TIME The best time is from sunrise till 14:00.
MISCELLANEOUS Bring with you what you need, no toilets, no food, no drinks.
Spot #2 – Main taxiway
WHERE This spot is located on the ground of Cambodia Helicopters when you pass the terminals on the left side. Ask at the Security gate if it’s possible to take some pictures in here. But not everyone speaks english what makes that spot not always accesible! Walk up to the fence a bit more where the trees are and spot through the fence there.
WHAT All runway 05/23 movements on the runway excpept the arrival of some ATR’s, leaving the runway earlier.
TIME The best time is from sunrise till 11:00
MISCELLANEOUS Bring with you what you need, no toilets, no food, no drinks.
Spot #3 – International Terminal and boarding (airside)
WHERE Both, the terminal and the way from and to the plane are possible to make some shots. From the international Terminal it’s easy making shots through the glass behind the security checks. It’s also possible taking picutres while boarding or deboarding the plane. Nobody cares when you take pictures here.
WHAT All runway 05/23 movements.
TIME The best time in winter is from sunrise until 14:00 for the taxiway and runway and for planes turning into parking position from 12:00 until 18:00
MISCELLANEOUS Everything you need you find in the temrinal

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