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With almost 1,0 Mio passengers in 2014, Innsbruck in Tirol is the third biggest airport in Austria. Usually its not worth to visit this airport as the traffic movements are very low. But in the winter season, many ski-charter flights, mainly from UK with Thomson, Thomas Cook, Easyjet, British Airways and Monarch. Scandinavia is served by SAS, Finnair and Malmö Aviation, taking place on Saturdays and Sundays. Austrian offers many charter flights on these days using their narrowbody aircrafts like the whole A320 family, Dash 8-Q400 and Fokker 100. Air Berlin and Transavia serving the airport on a regular basis too. General Aviation traffic is another main pillar for the airport.
On theses days the ramp is crowded with single aisle aircrafts, from the smaller Fokker 100 to the Boeing 757 which is currently the largest aircraft at INN. The high number of movements and the beautiful scenery with the mountains in the back makes it worth to visit Innsbruck on these winter days.

Written by Julian Mittnacht / last update winter 2017

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Airline Variety
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The rating is for the winter season only!!
Airport Informations    Runways 08/26
2.000 m (6.562 ft)
Spotting Informations  Ladder not needed
Car not needed
Restrooms inside the Terminal
Drinks/Food inside the Terminal, supermarket is tagged on the map
Hotels Hotel Penz is next to the Terminal
Season only recommended between December and March on Saturday & Sundays (Winter Charters). Check the airport website for a winter timetable in PDF format or the actual flight informations. Off season there are only a handful of schedule flights a day!
Runway Usage  08/26 the runway is used in all directions and they mix it pretty often when the ramp is full

Spot #1 – Visitor Terrace – 08/26 departures&arrivals, apron
WHERE This is the official visitor terrace at the terminal. Just follow the signs (“Besucherterrasse”) to the upper level. Its next to the one and only restaurant inside the terminal.
WHAT You will find a great overview of almost the whole apron as well as the runway. There isn’t a glass wall and you have a distinct view of the action. For the runway movements a higher focal length is needed. You won’t miss a single plane at this place as there isn’t a real taxiway parallel to the runway.
TIME A great place for the whole day in the winter.
MISCELLANEOUS The terrace is sheltered and toilets are just behind the entrance. No security checks and no admission fees.
FOCAL LENGTH 50-400 mm

Spot #2 – Hotel Penz Parking – 08 departures, 26 arrivals and departures
WHERE Walk out of the terminal and follow the road back to the city. Until 5 minutes you will see the Hotel Penz on the right side. On the left there is the hotel parking. Cross this area until you will reach a dirt road. Stay along at this road.
Arriving by car park on the Hotel Penz Parking lot or along the ‘Fürstenstreet’ where parking is free of charge during the weekend.
WHAT You will get 26 arrivals and departures as well as the 08 departures. For the 26 departures walk to the perimeter fence just in front of you to the turning point. You can shot over the fence if you have a live view mode on your camera or trough the fence with a small lense. Otherwise you need a 2 step ladder. The airport is to the left and you will see whats going on on the ramp.
TIME In the winter its a good spot for the whole day.
MISCELLANEOUS Walk back to the terminal for the facilities you need.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-300 mm

Spot #3 – Promenade – 08/26 departures&arrivals
WHERE You have plenty of different photo positions at this location. It is at the end of RWY 08 along the river Inn. Follow the road signs to Garmisch/Zirl on the 171. The road is parallel to the runway. After you have crossed a roundabout you will see a parking lot after 500 meters. Park your car here (you have to pay a fee now) and walk for around 5-10 minutes along the perimeter fence to get on the other side of the airport (footpath tagged on the map in green. Usually there is snow where you can easily walk on).
WHAT At this location you have more opportunities to stay. If 08 is in use for arrivals I would stay next to the river. There is a crash gate with two holes just next to it, so you can catch the 08 departures too as the turning point for the aircrafts is in front of you.
For 26 departures I would walk a little bit to the second point as the planes rotating earlier. You can shot over the fence. For 26 arrivals use the second point because most planes exit the runway earlier and don´t use the turning point. In this case there are more holes in the fence and you will be able to shot the taxiway here (only in the afternoon) as together with the runway (whole day).
As said there are plenty of opportunities and holes in the fence so just find your preferred position!
TIME In the winter its a good spot for the whole day.
MISCELLANEOUS Its just a promenade along the Inn, so you will not find much here. There is a bench but nothing else. A supermarket is tagged on the map.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-300 mm

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5 thoughts on “Innsbruck Airport Spotting Guide

  1. Paul Hargreaves

    I was last there in 1988! Good to see the viewing deck is still there. Lot more movements now of course!

    Paul in NZ

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