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Hahn airport, better known as Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) is a small former US Air Foce Base and located between Frankfurt and Trier. Even though it is located at a stunning 120km distance to Frankfurt City, the airport is officially called Frankfurt-Hahn. This is due to the markting strategy of the home carrier Ryanair who is known to name regional airports like the next biggest city. The carrier is responsible for almost all schedule passenger traffic. Other airlines serving HHN are SunExpress and WizzAir. Despite the passenger traffic there are a handful of cargo operators flying into Hahn like SilkWay Cargo, Atlas Air and Nippon Cargo, all using their 747 freighters. There is also the occasionall US Air Force charter using a Delta 747 or the special United 747 (N194UA). Sometimes there are also other special cargo operators coming in. The future of the Hahn is unknown as the airport has not been profitable for years and the number of passengers and cargo flights has been steadily shrinking.

Written by Julian Mittnacht, Jan Seba and Patrick Weis. Last visit April 2015.

Rating Movements
Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 03/21
3.800 m (12.467ft)
Terminals Terminal A
used by every airline
Spotting Information Ladder Might be helpful at some spots for some shots but you can make it without one. It is most useful in summer when the grass is higher and the gear can be obstructed by that.
Car Absolutley necessary as there is no public transport to the locations except the terminal.
Restrooms Inside the terminal or the gas station.
Drinks/Food Supermarket and Fast Food Restaurants as marked on the map and inside the terminal.
Hotels There is a B&B just next to the terminal.
Season Traffic is almost the same all year round.
Runway Usage  03/21 Used in all directions and changes frequently. Please keep in mind that if 03 is used, the runway is shorter due to the moved threshold.

Spot #1 – Hill – 03/21 movements
WHERE Its a little bit tricky to find this location. If you leave the B50, follow the signs to the airport but don´t drive to the terminal. At the first big junction turn left into the “Flugplatzstraße”. Follow the road until you see the signs for “Winterdienst” and turn right. After a few hundred meters turn right again, still to the “Winterdienst”, and follow this road straight forward until you reach the perimeter fence. Park your car somewhere in this area. Once you have arrived, just walk along the fence towards the airport for a few minutes until you see a huge hill on the right and just walk up there.
WHAT You get all 03 arrivals here but the planes are still in the air here due to the moved threshold. 03 departures are possible too but just the heavies as they use the full runway length. The Ryanair aicrafts don´t need this but you can photograph them on the taxiway Charlie for the line up.
Heavy arrivals on 21 are possible as they usually use taxiway charlie for a 180 degree turnaround and taxi back on the ruwnay to the cargo apron. 21 departures are no problem.
TIME In the summer from sunrise until noon. For taxiway Charlie photos until late afternoon.
MISCELLANEOUS The spot is in the middle of nowhere so bring everything with you.
FOCAL LENGTH  160mm for the A320. 180mm for the taxiway

Spot #2 – Terminal P1 Parking Garage – 03/21 movements
WHERE From the B50 just follow the signs to the airport and drive up to the uppest level of the P1 parking garare. From the terminal its just a short hop by foot.
WHAT You are almost in the middle of the runway and you see all movements from this position and parts of taxiway alpha. Some light poles may disturb the sight and in the summer month there is a lot of heat haze at this place.
TIME In the summer from sunrise until noon.
MISCELLANEOUS Parking fee for 1 hour is 4 Euros. Everything you need is within the terminal.
FOCAL LENGTH  140mm for the 748 on the runway. 160mm for the 738 on the apron
Spot #3 – Ryanair Hangar – 21 arrivals
WHERE From the B50 don´t drive till spot 2 but instead leave the road to the right and head to the cargo area. Pass all the cargo terminals and follow the road along the old military taxiway along the shelters. Once you have passed a go-cart racetrack make a turn to the left into a dead end road. Park your car in the forrest and walk a few meters to have a good sight for the 21 arrivals.
WHAT All arrivals on 21 are possible from here as well as the northern ramp (huge fence, ladder recommend)
TIME In the summer from sunrise until noon.
MISCELLANEOUS The spot is in the middle of nowhere so bring everything with you. Don´t be afraid if a fence is blocking the street. Just walk through the forrest to get to your position.

Spot #4 – Bus stop – 21 arrivals
WHERE Leave the B50 and go on the L194 through the town Bärenbach, follow this road until the end and turn left onto the L193. Alternative is just continue on the road to spot #3 until the L194. The location itself is right next to the road and a bus stop. You can park your car somewhere in the town Hahn and walk back from there.
WHAT This location is good only for arrivals on RWY 21 in the evening.
TIME Light is good here in the summer in the evening. In winter the sun does not come around the runway far enough to use it.
MISCELLANEOUS Choose a location somewhere along the main road where you can stand safely.
FOCAL LENGTH Will be similar to Spot #5, see there.

We are sorry but we can´t provide sample pictures for this location at the moment. If you have pics from this location and would like to share it with us don´t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Spot #5 – Western Perimeter – 03/21 movements
WHERE To reach this spot it is also best to drive past #4 and just continue further along the fenceline. At some point the main road will make a corner to the right leaving the fence. Here you have to turn left into a smaller side road which continues along the fence. Just park your car next to the road (there is enough space on the right side) after a few meters.
WHAT You can vary your location here, but you will probably close to the marked point. Arrivals for RWY 03 will still be in the air here, but you will have grass in the image frame. Aircraft lining up on RWY 03 usually require a ladder so that part of the gear is not obstructed. Small aircraft lineup right in front of you and Heavies backtrack on the RWY so that you can shoot them from both sides.
TIME Light is good here in the summer in the evening. In winter the sun does not come around the runway far enough to use it.
MISCELLANEOUS Sometimes tractors pass this point and you have to clear the street.
FOCAL LENGTH 125mm for a B738 and pretty much exactly 70mm for a B744 (Canon, very close crop).

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