Izmir Adnan Menderes Spotting Guide

Izmir is not really a known airport for planes spotting. But the city is growing rapidly and with it the airport as well. At the moment, SunExpress & Pegasus are responsible for the most traffic here. During the summer some charter flights are offered by a dozen of carriers. Widebodies are a rare sight and single aisle aircrafts dominating the traffic.Written by Julian Mittnacht / Visited November 2012

Rating Movements
Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 16R/34L 16L/34R
3.000 m (9.843 ft) 3.000 m (9.843 ft)
Terminals International Terminal Domestic Terminal
all flights closed/new one is under construction
Spotting Information Ladder not needed
Car not needed
Restrooms inside a big supermarket next to spot #1 (tagged on the map)
Drinks/Food big supermarket next to spot #1 with some fast food restaurants (tagged on the map)
Hotels no informations
Season more charterflights during the summer
Runway Usage  16R/34L used as taxiway
16L/34R only active runway

Spot #1 – Sarnıç Station – 16L arrivals
WHERE This spot is a couple of meters away from the Sarnıç train station. Use the Southern Line to get there. If you use a car follow the signs towards the airpor, exit the main road and follow the signs to Izmir Sarnıç Yolu. There is a go-cart track next to the spot at the corner. Park your car along the road.
WHAT Best spot for 16L arrivals.
TIME Good from afternoon until evening.
MISC. Be very careful!! The Gaziemir Air Base is just next to you. Stay at this spot and you won’t be bothered. Don’t walk more eastwards along the street for better light conditions in the morning as you will reach the base entrance soon.
All necessary faclities are inside a supermarket just next to the train station (tagged on the map).
FOCAL LENGTH 100-200 mm

Spot #2 – Cumaovası Station – 34R arrivals
WHERE Use the Southern Line again to get to the Cumaovasi station. I don’t know if its possible to get from the train station to the morning spot as I had a car and wasn’t at the afternoon spot. If you have a car, pass the airport and follow the signs to Aydin. After you have passed the rails, make a right turn into the 901SK (google maps) and park your car along the road.
WHAT In the morning you are very close and almost under the aircrafts. I wouldn’t stay at the main road as the military area is pretty close. I haven’t visited the spot at the train station, but a local spotter told me this is the place to be later the day.
TIME Two spots that cover the whole day.
MISC. You are pretty far away from any necessary facility. There are just some farmers around you. Be polite and you won’t get bothered.
FOCAL LENGTH 50-200 mm

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