Aberdeen Intl. Airport Spotting Guide

Aberdeen International Airport (Scottish Gaelic: Port-adhair Eadar-nàiseanta Obar Dheathain) (IATA: ABZ, ICAO: EGPD) is an international airport, located at Dyce, a suburb of Aberdeen, Scotland, approximately 5 nautical miles (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) northwest of Aberdeen city centre. A total of over 3.7 million passengers used the airport in 2014, an increase of 8.2% compared with 2013 and a record annual total for the airport.
The airport is owned and operated by AGS Airports which also owns and operates Glasgow and Southampton Airports. It was previously owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings (formerly known as BAA).

Aberdeen Airport is a base for BMI Regional, Eastern Airways and Flybe. The airport also serves as the main heliport for the Scottish offshore oil industry. With the utilisation of newer aircraft, helicopters can reach northern most platforms on both the East and west of Shetland areas. However, helicopters frequently use Wick, Kirkwall, Scatsta and Sumburgh for refuelling stops.

The airport has one main passenger terminal, serving scheduled and charter holiday flights. In addition, there are three terminals dedicated to North Sea helicopter operations, used by Bristow Helicopters, CHC-Scotia, and Bond Offshore Helicopters. There is also a small terminal adjacent to the main passenger terminal, Broomfield House, used primarily for oil company charter flights to Scatsta in Shetland, operated by Eastern Airways.

Written by Peter Adam / (Based in Scotland)

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runway  16 / 34
1’829m (6’000 ft)
Terminal Terminal 1
ATC APP: 119.05 TWR: 118.1
Spotting Information Ladder Any UK Airport a ladder up against a fence is a bad idea and is forbidden.
Car Most of the spots are by foot except 1 but theres a bus that takes you over.
Restrooms 1 inside the terminal.
Drinks/Food Inside the terminal.
Hotels Around the airport some hotels could be found.
Season Any time of the year  the traffic is more or less the same but if you come in winter then wrap up well as Aberdeen not the warmest place and gets pretty cold but you get rewarded with nice light during winter.
Runway Usage 16 / 34
Runway 16 seems to be the runway used the most.


Spot #1 – The Car Park / Bristol CHC Helicopters
WHERE Cross the road from the terminal there’s a elevator that takes you up to the car park.
WHAT Bristol CHC Helicopters shots plus Eastern head on push-back shots sometimes cargo planes parked up at the ATC Tower.
TIME 1100 until sunset.
MISC. You will notice there’s a convenient grass embankment that runs covers the whole fence you can shoot stuff close up however OVERSTAYING YOUR TIME here will mean you will be shifted by security very fast so if something is parked up then try be discrete if you venture here.
FOCAL LENGTH Between 200 & 300 mm, up at the fence 24 to 70 mm
Spot #2 – Bus Shelter International ramp & 34 line ups
WHERE From the terminal follow south up past the bar left hand side then go through the tunnel  follow this up till the end then take a left then a left again hotel on your right hand side follow the path up to the end  the international ramp can be seen on your left  the line up spot is 5 minutes walk you just follow the same path as far as it goes.
WHAT Ramp shots taxiway shots departures 16 / 34 and also night shots in the dark nights as well from here you can make great head on pics very close up. Line up spot, 16 vacating shots 34 arrivals line ups.
TIME 1130 until sunset.
MISC. You need to shoot through the fence. If you visit here in winter then the track becomes icy so take care.
FOCAL LENGTH 24 to 200 mm depend by taxi, line up or runway

Spot #3 – 16 Line ups arrivals
WHERE From the terminal follow the road north past the helicopter hangars  you will pass the terminals CHC Bristol follow the track takes about 20 mins walk  then on your right hand side there’s a patch of grass you can get nice close up pics of helicopters taxing here as well.
WHAT Arrivals on 16  and 16 Taxiway holding shots also there’s S 92S EC 224S Parked up here so you get close up helicopter shots.
TIME 1130 until sunset.
MISC. You need to shoot through the fence. There’s nothing here so take what you need. Plus it can become noisy here also as the helicopters are a few feet away.
FOCAL LENGTH Line up land 70-200mm & taxi 24-50mm

Spot #4 – Grass Mound 16 arrivals Morning Only
WHERE There is a bus from the airport to Dyce Railway station no 80 take this bus then the spot is about 5 minutes away on foot.
WHAT Runway 16 arrivals in the morning, helicopters landing also.
TIME From sunrise until 1100.
MISC. There’s nothing here so take what you need.
FOCAL LENGTH 70-200mm aircraft  / Helicopter 200-400 mm depending on angle
Spot #5 – The crash gate & Bond
WHERE 2 mins walk from spot 4 infact you pass it
WHAT Helicopter close up shots  bizjet static shots
TIME From sunrise until 1100.
MISC. This spot is good for overcast days  its backlit in the afternoons
Also there’s a hotel  across the road with a restroom.
FOCAL LENGTH Parked up 737 18 mm / 70-200mm  bizjets /18 mm helicopter up at the fence hangars.

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