Edinburgh Airport Spotting

Edinburgh Airport  (IATA: EDI, ICAO: EGPH) is  located at Ingliston in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the busiest airport in Scotland and welcomed over 11.1 million passengers in 2015. It was also the sixth busiest airport in the UK by total passengers in 2015. London is by far the most frequent route with up to 53 flights a day.

Ryanair, Easyjet, flybe and Jet2 are the biggest players in EDI besides europes common schedule airlines. Intercontinental traffic takes place by Etihad, Qatar, Air Canada Rouge, American, Delta and United Airlines. There is also a cargo ramp at the eastern corner of the airport with regular flights.

Written by Peter Adams (regular visitor)

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 06/24 12/30
 2.556 m (8.386 ft) 1.797 m (5.896 ft)
 Terminals One for all ops
Spotting Information Ladder Not required as you can shot through the fence at all spots. Smaller lense diameter is recommend.
Car For spots 4-7
Restrooms On Terminal side there are free toilets. Also spots 1&2 there is a hotel
Drinks/Food Terminal side you have some restaurants. Otherwise bring with you what you need.
Hotels There are a few hotels within the terminal area
Season I suggest April – September, chance of bad weather in winter is pretty high. Also every 2 years in March the Rugby is on so the airport gets lots of charters flights for this event.
August is also another good month because of the Military Tattoo und Fringe Festival but beware prices are higher.
Runway Usage  06/24 24 is the one used most time
12/30 no longer in use

Spot#1 – The Mound – 06 arrivals and lineup
WHERE The spot is at the “Ingliston Markets” car park on a mound at the end of RWY06. From the main road A8 to Edinburgh City just turn left into the car park. There is a mound where you can climb up and shot over the fence easily.
From the Terminal walk to the Holiday Inn Express and continue this road to the parking.
WHAT 06 Lineups and landings only
TIME From sunrise until afternoon
MISC. There are events taking place on this area so it can get quite busy. There is nothing nearby, so take what you need with you.
FOCAL LENGTH  18-300 mm depending on motive
Spot#2 – P3 Holiday Parking – 01/19 overview & 07R/25L overview & taxishots
WHERE This spot is right in the Ingilston marcket showground 5 minutes walk from the spot #1. You have to shot trough the fence here.
WHAT 24 departures runway 24 turnoffs and all rwy06 movements.
TIME Depending on the side Morning untill 1500 Pm for takeoffs and for sideon morning till sunset
MISC. There is a hotel nearby with toilets and drinks ect also parking here is free if theres a event on then say your in to watch the planes then they let you in most people park next to the link.
FOCAL LENGTH 70 – 200 mm
Spot#3 – Carpark – Ramps and taxiways
WHERE From the terminal building cross the road and take the elevator to the top level of the parking garage.
WHAT Ryanair, easyjet and flybe planes taxing to there gate also planes vacating 06. Also this spot gives views over to cargo and block 30 next spot so registrations could be read.
TIME From 1030 untill sunset
MISC. There are toilets and food drink placed in the terminal.
FOCAL LENGTH 70-300 mm depending on motive
Spot#4 – Block 30
WHERE From the main terminal drive on Glasgow Rd/A8 as if you were heading into Edinburgh City. After you have passed the RBS SEMI ARCH BRIDGE take the 1st left down GOGAR follow the road until the end. There are a few places for parking.
WHAT Static bizjets only
TIMEF From 10:30 until sunset
MISC. There is nothing nearby, so take what you need with you also the track gets erroded so strong footware is advised as it gets very wet and slippy after rain
FOCAL LENGTH 70-300 mm depending on motive

Spot#5 – Lennybridge
WHERE From the main road to Edinburgh until you see a big roundabout follow the signs for the cargo apron from there. Its about 2 miles. Pass the golf course and drive until almost the end of the road until you see the perimeter. Than turn right and drive to the railroad bridge. Park at the houses next to it.
WHAT  24 arrivals only
TIMEF From 08:00 till 15:00 hrs
MISC. There is nothing nearby, so take what you need with you also this spot. ATTENTION a few years ago a friend got jumped here so take care.
FOCAL LENGTH 70-300 mm depending on motive
Spot#6 – runway 24 lineups PM
WHERE From spot 5 walk over the bridge take the 1st track on your left hand side follow under the landing lights then follow it to your left go under the bridge and you see the fence on your left hand side. Follow the track along the perimter to the photo position. You have to shot trough the fence for the departures.
WHAT All Runway 24 movements.
TIME 16:30 till sunset
MISC. There is nothing nearby, so take what you need with you also the track gets erroded so strong footware is advised gets very wet slippy after rain.
FOCAL LENGTH 70-300 mm depending on motive
Spot#7 – Almondbank
WHERE Drive to the nearest village, Kirklisting, less than a mile north of the 06 threshhold. When you get to Kirklisting take the road that goes east. Pass the supermarcket to your right and just follow the main road until the Carlowrie Castle from where the crash gate can be seen. Park at the gate but don´t block it. Walk left along the perimeter until you reach another crash gate. There you are. You can shot trough the fence or use the mound next to it.
WHAT All runway movements
TIME 16:30 till sunset
MISC. There is nothing nearby, so take what you need also the track gets overgrown in summer so strong footware is advised
FOCAL LENGTH 70-200 mm depending on motive

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