Inverness Airport Spotting Guide

Inverness Airport (Scottish Gaelic: Port-adhair Inbhir Nis) (IATA: INV, ICAO: EGPE) is an international airport situated at Dalcross, 7 NM (13 km; 8.1 mi) north east of the city of Inverness in Scotland. It is owned by Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL).
The airport is the main gateway for travellers to the north of Scotland with a range of scheduled services throughout the United Kingdom, and limited scheduled service to Continental Europe. Limited charter and freight flights operate throughout the UK and Europe. Around 610,000 passengers passed through the airport in 2014.Inverness also has bizjets in often and also the SAR is also based here with S 92S
Inverness airport is served by the number 10 bus service  Inverness to Nairn  and runs every 30 minutes from the city centre to the airport  time is roughly 25 minutes from bus station to terminal.

Written by Peter Adam / (Based in Scotland)

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runway  05 / 23 12 / 30
1’887m (6’191 ft) 700m (2’297 ft)
Asphalt Asphalt
Terminal Terminal 1
used for all flights
Spotting Information Ladder Any UK Airport a ladder up against a fence is a bad idea and is forbidden.
Car All spots are doable by foot roughly 5 10 minute walk from the terminal.
Restrooms Inside the terminal.
Drinks/Food Inside the terminal.
Hotels Around the airport some hotels could be found.
Season Mostly summer also there sometimes is lots of bizjets here due to people wanting to visit the highlands.
Runway Usage 05 / 23
Used in both directions.
12 / 30  Only used by single-engine propeller very rarely

Spot #1 – The Terminal
WHERE In the terminal there’s a cafe with restrooms etc and it also has windows giving clear views so good spot if rubbish weather. You also can shoot through the fence outside left and right of the terminal.
WHAT Departures arrivals on 05 & 23  and close up taxiway shots. You need to shoot through the fence.
TIME After 1100 am
MISC. There’s a good restaurant in the terminal with  restrooms also you are shooting through glass unless you go outside.
FOCAL LENGTH 18-300mm depending on motive
Spot #2 – Runway 05 end
WHERE To the right of the terminal. Walk by the ramp then there’s a small path that takes you round this spot is 5 mins walk from the terminal.
WHAT From here, taxiing aircraft to runway 05 and landing on runway 23 shots are possible.
TIME After 1100 am for the taxiway
MISC. There’s nothing here so take what you need
FOCAL LENGTH 70-200mm, depending on motive
Spot #3 – Bizjet Apron
WHERE Cross the car park from terminal then the white buildings take 1st right follow the road passing hangars on your right hand side  follow the road as far it can go.
WHAT Bizjets parked up and taxing also airliners taxing too sometimes. You need to shoot through the fence.
TIME After 1100 am
MISC. There’s nothing here so take what you need however at the area there’s picknik benches you can sit on pretty close to the fence.
FOCAL LENGTH 18-200mm depending on motive
Spot #4 – Highland Aviation Museum
WHERE From the terminal cross the road thengo past the white buildings then cross the road there’s a small gate you go through then follow the road and the museums about 2 minutes walk on your right hand side.
WHAT Old planes parked up STATIC Only.
TIME All day depending on what you want to photo.
MISC. The museum is only open weekends only so phone for info 01667 460361.
FOCAL LENGTH 10-55 depending on angle.

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  1. John bothwell

    Hello girls and guys, I’m looking to visit INV for first time and asking the question are there any reasonable priced hotels or b+b very close to the airport, or in Inverness itself and how much in taxi would that cost from town to airport please ?
    Kind regards John bothwell

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