Report about the aircraft graveyards in the USA

On this site I would like to share some useful informations about the huge number of aircraft boneyards in the USA. There are a couple of airports which are famous for their airplane boneyards and I guess almost every spotter heard about places like Victorville and Mojave in California or Marana in Arziona. But despite those locations in the western states, more and more companies finding a home on airports in the Mississippi region. Big scrapping companies are located at Blytheville, AR,  Stuttgart, AR, Tupelo, MS and Greenwood, MS.Usually its difficult to get ramp access and only pictures from outside the airport are possible. But its always worth to contact the company who scraps the planes in advance or ask at the airports administration office for access once you has arrived. There are some airports/companies who gain access! I’ve wrote some infos for a couple of airports. So if you are within the area of one of these graveyards, don’t forget to take a look at it if you wanna see something unique!

This is a list with known airports where aicrafts are just stored or big scrapping companies are located.
Click on the icon on the map to gather more informations!

KMIA – Miami Intl. Airport, FL
KOPF – Opa Locka, FL
KLAL – Lakeland Linder Regional, FL
KSFB – Orlando Sanford, FL
FL59 – Buckingham Field, FL
F13 – Shell Creek Airpark, FL
KMLB – Melbourne Intl. Airport, FL
KCEW – Crestview Bob Sikes Airport, FL
KBQK – Brunwick Golden Isles Airport, FL
KVQQ – Cecil Airport, FL
KTUP – Tupelo Regional, MS
KGWO – Greenwood-Leflore Airport, MS
KRME – Griffiss International Airport, NY
KBGR – Bangor Intl. Airport, ME
KGYY – Gary/Chicago Intl. Airport, IN
KRFD – Rockford-Chicago, IL
KROW – Roswell Intl. Air Center, NM
KVGT – North Las Vegas, NV
KTUS – Tucson Intl. Airport, AZ
KGYR – Phoenix Goodyear Airport, AZ
P08 – Coolidge Municipal Airport, AZ
KIGM – Kingman Airport, AZ
KAVQ – Avra Valley Airport, AZ
KMZJ – Pinal Airpark Marana, AZ
KDMA – Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Gila River Memorial Airport (private), AZ
KHMT – Hemet Ryan Airport, CA
KSBD – San Bernardino Intl. Airport, CA
KVCV – Southern California Logistic Airport Victorville, CA
KMHV – Mojave Air and Space Port, CA
KHKA – Blytheville Municipal Airport, AR
KHOT – Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport, AR
KMEZ – Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, AR
KSGT – Stuttgart Municipal Airport, AR
KARG – Walnut Ridge Regional Airport, AR
KABI – Abilene Regional Airport, TX
KSAT – San Antonio Intl. Airport, TX
KSJT – San Angelo Mathis Field, TX
KLRD – Laredo Intl. Airport, TX
KHYI – San Marcos Municipal Airport, TX
KMQY – Smyrna/Rutherford, TN
KCWF – Chennault International Airport, LA
KOSC – Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport, MI
KYIP – Detroit Willow Run, MI
KPTK – Oakland County Intl. Airport, MI
KLCK – Rickenbacker Intl. Airport, OH
KILN – Wilmington Air Park, OH
KADM – Ardmore Municipal, OK
KOWI – Ottawa Municipal Airport, KS
28KS – Rantoul, KS
KMYR – Myrtle Beach, SC
KMEB – Laurinburg-Maxton Airport, NC
KMKE – Milwaukee, WI

LAST UPDATED 22/09/2017

  • A great source for the newest informations for these airports is a google group called “cactus wings”
  • Another website with many useful informations is “”. The author wrote many reports of his trips through the USA and visited almost all known airplane graveyards.
  • This flickr use visited a lot of graveyards (mainly east coast) and uploaded a lot of pictures. 
  • on you will find many recent photos from different smaller airports with stored aircrafts.
  • If you have more useful informations for us like missing airports or aircrafts on the map please contact us.

On the map you find all airports listed above and some useful informations too. Another layer shows interesting and old aircrafts which are parked within the airports perimeter or next to it.
Smaller military fighters/planes are not tagged on the map as these type of aircrafts are displayed at almost every AFB or Museum in the USA and the map would just ‘explode’ with so much additional icons.

Southern California Logistic Airport Victorville, CA

Victorville is one of the biggest boneyards on the world. Most planes are stored at the ramp in the north of the airport.
There is a rural road (a SUV is recommend) which leads along the perimeter heading to the very big ramp at the north. Shots through the fence are possible.
The workers move the aircrafts from time to time so the google maps images are not really up to date and shouldn’t be a reference. Some planes are very far in the distinct and in the summer its impossible to make pictures due to the very heavy heat haze. The early morning or the evening are the best times for a visit.
Many aircraft maintenance and storage companies presenting newer and older planes on their ramps and hangars in the south.
You can drive along the southern perimeter and easily take some pictures through the fence as these planes are parked directly at the street. I’ve created a path on the google map above which shows the streets around the airport.

I’ve visited this place twice and never had issues with security. Planespotters are a known sight and you shouldn’t have a problem.
Sadly, ramp access or tours are not possible at VCV. I’ve asked the airport officials and the Million Air employees for access without success.
The only way to make some decent photos from the groudned aircrafts is by charter an aircraft.

Picture was taken at the south ramp above the fence 2009&2010:

Picture was taken at the south ramp through the fence:

Picture was taken at the south ramp above the fence:

Pictures were taken at the south ramp through a crash gate:

Some scrapped parts are resting at the westside of the airport:

Picture was taken at the north ramp through the perimeter fence:

Mojave Air and Space Port, CA

Some years ago, Mojave was one of the biggest boneyards in the US. For a couple of years, the number of stored planes has shrunken, but there are still plenty of aircrafts, especially Boeing 747´s. Mojave is also known for its space port and the local company Virgin Galactic, which is planning space flights in the near future.
When I visited this place, ramp tours were offered for $15 but photography was prohibited. Nowadays it seems like they discontinued the tours…
Its possible to take some photos of the parked planes above the fence but some are very far away from the perimeter and not within your scope.

Pictures were taken along the southern perimeter 2009:

Phoenix Goodyear Airport, AZ

Just 45 km westwards from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is Goodyear located. On the left side of the only runway is the storage ramp. The planes are lined up just next to the perimeter fence and perfect for photography (low focal length is needed)! You can drive parallel along the perimeter on a sandy road where a SUV is strongly recommended. To reach this road, exit Goodyear westwards on the West Yuma Street. You will pass the airport on the left until the perimeter fence makes a 90 degree turn southwards. Enter here the desert and follow the perimeter to the first planes. (the target is tagged on the map above!)
There is a maintenance and storage company located at the airports main entry but its not worth to visit this place as you are not able to make pictures as the planes are surrounded by the hangars and building around the ramp. You can just get a glimpse on the tails.
I talked to the airport security too and they didn’t had a problem when someone drives along the perimeter to make pictures.

All pictures were taken from the roof of the SUV above the fence 2010:

View northwards at the end of the road.

Opa Locka, FL

Located between Miami and FortLauderdale, Opa Locka is one of the few graveyards at the Eastcoast of the U.S.
The aircrafts are stored at the east side of the airport and you can easily drive along the perimeter fence and take the pictures.
When I visited this place I was able to get ramp access. I’ve just asked one of the workers who was entering the areal at the crash gate if I can visit the ramp. He confirmed my request and I followed him on the ramp and parked my car inside the airport. Once inside the perimeter I was able to walk all around the apron without any restrictions.
More planes are stored in the middle of the airport, next to the tower. Ramp access to this side of the field was denied.

UPDATE 2015: due to a new owner at OPF it has became difficult to gain ramp access as not every ramp worker has the permission to let you in. Furthermore, a lot of the long term parked aircrafts are gone e.g. the Air Comet 747 besides all Arrow Air DC-10´s. It seems like the airport will be a normal General Aviation field in the near future.

Pictures were taken directly from the apron 2010:

Picture was taken through the fence

Tupelo, MS

Tupelo, the birth place of Elvis Presley, has a bigger scrapping company located at Tupelo Regional Airport. Universal Asset Management was long time located in Walnut Ridge, AR before they moved down to Tupelo a couple of years ago. An old runway is now used for the “scrapping line” where the aircrafts parked in row and at the end the digger waits for them to cut them into parts. You can easily photograph this line up from the airports perimeter fence in the morning. Just drive into the Air Park Rd., park your car on the shoulder and walk over a field to the perimeter. The fence is not that high so no ladder is needed and you can take your pictures over it.

Pictures taken from the perimeter fence 2014:

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