Worldwide Single Spotting Locations

This report covers worldwide spotting locations from different airports. We didn´t have enough infos for a complete guide but we wanna share the photo position that we have visited with you. New positions will be added from time to time so check back regularly.

Currently we offer spots for:

1. Dallas Forth Worth, US – DFW/KDFW
2. New York La Guardia, US – LGA/KLGA
3. Tampa Intl. Airport, US – TPA/KTPA
4. Viru Viru Santa Cruz, Bolivia – VVI/SLVR
5. London City, UK – LCY/EGLC
6. Alicante, Spain – ALC/LEAL
7. Cairns, Australia – CNS/YBCS
8. Ayers Rock, Australia – AYQ/YAYE
9. King Country “Boeing Field”, US – BFI/KBFI
10. Budapest, Hungary – BUD/LHBP
11. Bratislava, Slovakia – BTS/LZIB
12. Krabi, Thailand – KBV/VTSG
13. Memmingen, Germany – FMM/EDJA
14. Cologne/Bonn, Germany – CGN/EDDK
15. Al Makthoum, United Arab Emirates – DWC/OMDW

#1 – Dallas Forth Worth, Texas – Founders Plaza
WHERE This is the official spotting location for DFW airport, situated on the north side of the airport and next to RWY 18R approach. There are many directions to get there so please use a GPS.
By public transport: use the shuttle bus from the terminals to the north remote parking and walk for approximate 5 minutes along the N Airfield Drive to the Plaza. But keep in mind there is no sidewalk!
WHAT A great location for the 18R arrivals, which is one of the busiest runways and usually most intercont. flghts arrive here as well as the cargo operators.. 18L, which is used for the departures, is possible but there can be a lot of heat haze! Parts of the UPS ramp are in sight too.
TIME Great from afternoon until sunset.
MISC. There are benches and shadow to relax. Hotels and Restaurants are 2 kilometers away. Just follow the Mustand Dr. westwards.
FOCAL LENGTH Boeing 737-800 = 170mm, ERJ145 = 230mm, Boeing 777-200 = 110mm

#2 – New York La Guardia – Hermon A. Macneil Park
WHERE The spot is located at the Hermon A Macneil Park situated in the northern corner of Queens. Park your car for free at the Poppenhusen Ave next to the park entrance and walk along the water for a few minutes. You can already see the planes arriving.
WHAT All runway 22 arrivals.
TIME Good light from morning until noon.
MISC. There are some benches to relax. Bring everything you need with you.
FOCAL LENGTH Huge lense is needed! + 400mm for a regional jet, 350mm for a 737/A320
Tampa Intl. Airport, Florida – Terminal Roof Top Parking Garage
WHERE It´s pretty easy to find this location. Start at the check in and use the elevator to get to the most upper floor to the top parking level.
WHAT The view from this spot is a little bit limited due to the airside terminal buildings. But therefore you get a wide variety of different photo angles. You can take pictures of the two main runways on the east and west side of the airport. Furthermore you can take photos of aircrafts taxiing and rolling to their parking position.
TIME You can photograph in both directions so you can use this location all day long. BUT in the summer there is a lot of heat haze. Furthermore the APUs and the general heat on the ground is an issue, even in the winter.
MISC. I can recommend this spot if you have some time left whilst waiting for the flight at the terminal or have a stop over because its a pretty short hump to get on the parking garage.
When I was there security was on the garage too but they were not interested in what I am doing. Its a known photo location.
FOCAL LENGTH At least 300mm for 737 on runway. #4 – Viru Viru Santa Cruz, Bolivia
WHERE You can shot from theviewing deck on the top of the terminal (landside) or after security through the glass (airside) from the international waiting area.
WHAT You can get all movements from here. The runway is more far away so there can be heat distortion. Boliviana,Amaszonas und Ecojet are the most frequent visitors. International airlines airlines are AAL, Copa and GOL.
TIME Only good in the afternoon for runway/taxiway movements. For side on shots on the ramp you can use the deck the whole day.
MISC. Everything you need within the terminal. There is no shadow on the roof so be prepared with sun blocker. At the deck you have to shot trough a close-meshed fence which is suboptimal if the planes park in front of you.
FOCAL LENGTH 20-400 mm, depends on RWY/Ramp photos

#5 – London City Airport, UK – Parking
WHERE If you get out of the terminal, turn left and walk a few minutes under the covered boardwalk along the parking/dock. It ends on the half way to the parking. This is your place to be with a great view of the runway.
WHAT As you are in the middle of the runway you get all movements from this position. If the plane is still on the ground, parts of the wheels are cutted off at some positions on the run- and taxiway due to the grass (see Cityjet Avro Photo).
TIME In the winter good for the whole day. Summer backlit during early morning and late afternoon.
MISC. Restrooms and snacks within the terminals. Due to the planned expansion of the apron and terminal, this spot may history soon.
FOCAL LENGTH 120-250mm for the standard traffic. 300 mm for very small biz jets only.
#6 – Alicante, Spain
WHERE If you come from the termainals merge highway N-332 to Alacant | Alicante until motorway intersection ‘Santa Pola’ and exit N-332 in direction to Santa Pola and Cartagena. Follow N-332s street course for 1,7km end exit N-332 at El Altet (Norte)/CV-849/Elx/Elche but bear left and go straight for 550m until a roundabout appears. Take first exit (Avinguda Sant Francesc). Follow street course for 1.3km (CV-849) until the next roundabout appears. Take first exit again and follow the street. A small plaza will be visible after 20m. Park your car here.
WHAT All runway operations of runway 10/28
TIME From noon to sunset
MISC. Heat haze can be a problem on hot days. A supermarket is not far from this point.
#7 – Cairns, The mountain, Australia
WHERE From the airport, exit it by taking the “Airport Ave” road. Then, turn on the right onto “Captain Cook Hwy”. You will cross a river and you will have to turn on the left onto “Aeroglen Dr” to finally take the first again on your left which is a small path where you can park your car under a tree. (That was the easiest part to reached the spot :D)

Second step is, to climb the mountain under a humid and hot weather condition. Please refer to the map, the trek has been mentioned for you by the BLUE line.

WHAT Arrivals runway 33 and departures runway 33 + 15.
TIME From 1300 to sunset.
MISC. Heat haze can be a problem on hot days and theirs nothing around this spot so bring with you what you need. (the first shop is pretty far away as well from the spot). Be careful of snakes during hot seasons !!
FOCAL LENGTH 18mm (overview picture of the airport) until a 500mm as you are pretty far away from the aircraft.
#8 – Ayers Rock, Australia
WHERE Drive to Ayers Rock airport and the spot will be located next to the terminal on the left side next to the General Aviation ramp.
WHAT Only parking and taxiing aircraft on the General Aviation ramp.
TIME Mostly all the day but try to avoid end of afternoon.
MISC. Heat haze can be a problem on hot days and you are shooting throw fences. You can get some foods/drinks inside the terminal. Be careful of snakes !!
FOCAL LENGTH 18mm (overview picture of the ramp) until a 300mm is enough
#9 – King Country “Boeing Field”
WHERE Follow the signs from the airport to The Museum of Flight.
WHAT The only spot allows pictures of approaches 31L early afternoon by taxi or a fence hole of parking. We need to step back to the static aircraft to be slightly above or providing a ladder.
TIME Afternoon.
MISC. Bring with you what you need.
#10 – Budapest- Ferenc Liszt (Ferihegy), Hungary
WHERE Budapest Airport is located east from the city. The airport has many spotter locations. One of the best is the “Spotterdome”. Park your car on Ecseri u. and follow the signs towards the location along the dirt road. It is located south of the northern runway. The “Spotterdome” is well known by the general public, so it can be a bit crowded in the weekends.

If you would like to visit other spots around the airport, visit this website:

WHAT Departures and arrivals runway 31R
TIME From ~ 10.00 till sunset.
MISC. Bring with you what you need.
#11 – Bratislava – M.R. Stefanik (Ivanka), Slovakia
WHERE Bratislava is a quiet airport, located northeast of the city. Ryanair and Pobeda have daily flights to BTS, but the main attracion is the Slovakian goverment fleet. All A319, F100 and Tu154 are stationed at northwest corner of the airport.

To reach the spot take road 572 (from the D1 highway) towards Horné diely. Then turn left Leknová road and drive all the way untill you reach a bicycle bridge over the water. Turn left here and choose your spot (you can drive all the way up till the end for runway 04/22.

WHAT Departures and arrivals runway 04/22 and 13/31
TIME All day long (depends on runway use)
MISC. Bring with you what you need.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-300mm
#12 – Krabi, Thailand
WHERE The airport opened in 1999 and since that it is growing rapidly and now serves over 4 Mio. passengers. With one single runway its pretty easy to catch every movement at KBV. The spots are at a dirt road that runs parallel to the runway. You can enter it from the Nuea Khlong District road  4037.
WHAT If you wanna get arrivals on 32 (which is the main direction), stay at the spot close to the entrance of the perimeter road. To get all movements continue on the road for approximate 1 km. There you have to shot trough the fence but the mesh is big enough for a camera lens.
TIME Good light conditions in the morning only.
MISC. Everything you need within the Nuea Khlong District. Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarket etc.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-200mm, A320 on arrival = 150mm

#13 – Memmingen, Germany
WHERE The spot is located on the opposite side of the terminal, next to the GAT and a BBQ Grill. To get there follow the signs to the airport but don´t drive to the terminals, instead exit the huge roundabout to the “industrial area” (just next to the displayed F104). Then drive straight ahead until you see the approach lights. From there follow the signs to “FlyIN Barbecue BBQ”. You pass the approach path, some old hangars and after a few minutes you are on the opposite site of the terminal. Just park at the airport fence.
WHAT The main airlines at FMM are only Wizzair and Ryanair. Pobeda operates a almost daily flight to Moscow with a 738. At this position you get all movements of RWY 24/06 and as they switch the directions pretty often it makes no sense to stand next to the approach. The mesh to the fence is big enough for a DSLR lens.
Furthermore you can photograph the parked aircrafts on the genreal aviation ramp.
TIME From morning till afternoon. for the runway. GA-ramp from afternoon till sunset.
MISC. The BBQ is not open every day so check the opening times on their homepage. They have a terrace where you can sit outside and watch the aircrafts moving along.
The small city of Memmingen is very close where you find Hotels, Gas Station, Supermarktes etc.
FOCAL LENGTH 70mm for 737/A320 on the runway.

#14 – Cologne/Bonn, Germany
WHERE One of the best photo locations in Germany is the visitor terrace on the top of CGN Terminal 1, Concourse C. Just use the elevator or stairs to get on the fifth floor. The deck is open from 05:00 to 00:00 hours, free of charge and without security checks. The main platform is behind glass, but you can use the stairs to get on an even higher level where you have a free sight and no disturbing glass.
WHAT CGN is one of the biggest cargo airports in Europe and a hub for UPS. As usual most cargo flights taking place during the night. But sunday is a good day to catch some cargo flights during daylight. Other regular cargo operators are Fedext, MNG Airlines, Star Air.
Eurowings has a base in CGN and operates their A330 widebody fleet from here to many destinations. The German Luftwaffe also has a base for the Government jets like A340.
14L/32R is the main runway and at this spot is recommend when 14L is active for arrivals or 32R departures. You can also photograph planes taxing to terminal 2 or parking at terminal 1 infront of you.
TIME Arrivals and taxiway has light form noon till sunset. Parked planes maybe earlier.
MISC. Everything you need is within the terminal. Supermarket, FastFood, etc.. Check the official website for updates before your visit! Terrace can be close due to bad weather.
Schedule can be found on the aviation-friends-cologne website.
FOCAL LENGTH Runway: 747 = 120mm; 737 = 260 mm
Taxiway: 737 = 180mm #15 – Al Maktoum International Airport, United Arab Emirates
WHERE Drive to Al Maktoum International Airport but follow Dubai Air Show signs or Jetex FBO signs and continue a bite more after the Dubai Air Show turn signs.
WHAT Only arrivals runway 30 afternoon.
TIME Best afternoon, from 1200 to sunset.
MISC. Theirs nothing nearby this location, so take what you need or drive back to the airport you will find toilets, drinks, foods and free wifi.

Spotting in the UAE is neither supported nor understood nor tolerated. Especially taking pictures evincing airport buildings or facilities will may cause problems and punishments (which can range from a check by police to imprisonment in worst case) by the police or airport authorities. We will not be liable for any inconveniences with local authorities. Spotting at Al Maktoum Airport DWC is at your own risk. Keep a low profile wherever you are. Please always adjust your behaviour when travelling into the Middle East states including the UAE to avoid inconveniences with the police. General tip for spotting in the Middle East area: If you have a car stow your camera underneath the seat or in the glove box of the car. Have a map with you to fake a glitch or for an alleged planning of a route.

FOCAL LENGTH MD11 = 116mm / 320 = 210mm

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