Maximilian Ono

– Editor/Author –


About: Maxi’s (born 1983) father is from Japan, so he began flying pretty early to visit his family. Aircrafts are very impressive to young boys and in 1990 (shortly before his 7th birthday) he started visiting Hamburg airport regularly.
While he just observed the planes in the first years, the first camera joined as usual equipment in 1995. At the age of 20 he met Julian Mittnacht during an Aviation Collectors’ Convention at Frankfurt. In the meantime, he visited various European airports. Besides, he has been going on visiting Japan frequently and therefore he is the team’s “expert” for guides to Japanese airports.

Base: Hamburg Fuhlsbuettel EDDH, Osaka Kansai RJBB

Equipment: Nikon D3100, Nikkor 55-300 VR

Favourite Spotting Airports: Barcelona, London Heathrow