Patrick Weis

– Editor/Author –Patrick

About: Patrick (born 1992) is an aviation freak since he is six years. 2002 I have been the first time in Frankfurt on the observation deck just to watch for some planes. The first time I was photographing planes was 2005 in Stuttgart with a digital camera. After a few years with a digital camera I upgraded to Digital Reflex Camera (a Canon Eos 1000d in 2011 Canon 600d). Since then aim to get high quality photos was the main target. Patrick is travelling around Europe but also a few times worldwide including a gab year in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. His favorite Country is New Zealand and he has the most of the larger airports there and wrote the Guide about Christchurch.

Base: Giebelstadt EDQG, Niederstetten ETHN, Frankfurt EDDF, Stuttgart EDDS

Equipment: Canon 1000d+600d, Canon 70-200 4.0L, 100-400 4,5-5,6L and 18-55 4,5-5,6IS

Favorite Spotting Airports: Sydney, Subang, Auckland, Samedan

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