Dallas Love Field Spotting Guide

Dallas Love Field, the second biggest airport in the Dallas-Forth Worth metropole region handles around 8 Mio. passengers a year. Due to the short distance to Downtown Dallas, DAL is something like a city airport with just a very few operators. Biggest schedule carrier in Love Field is Southwest Airlines, where they have there headquarter as well. They are responsible for at least 80 percent of the passenger traffic. Other airlines are Delta, United, SeaPort Airlines and Virgin America, the latter started flight operations in October 2014. Despite all the passenger flights, General Aviation is an important pillar for DAL and is responsible for at least 50 percent of the aircraft movements.
The ‘Frontiers of Flight Museum’ is located at the most easterly corner of the airport with some aircrafts on display, for example a Southwest 737-300 called ‘ The Spirit of Kitty Hawk’. There is also a big exhibition about Southwest inside the museum.

Written by Julian Mittnacht / Visited September 2014

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 13L/31R 13R/31L  18/36
2.363 m (7.752 ft) 2.682 m (8.800 ft) 1.874 m (6.147 ft)
Terminals Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Delta, SeaPort, United Express Southwest, Virgin America
Spotting Information Ladder Not required
Car Recommend, but Dallas has a good public transport too
Restrooms Inside the terminal and restaurants around the airport.
Drinks/Food Inside the terminal and lot of shops/fast food restaurants around the airport.
Hotels There are many hotels close to the airport or at the ‘Market Center’ district.
Season Very hot in the summer
Runway Usage  13L/31R Used in both directions. Seems like this is handling more traffic as the terminal is closer.
13R/31L Used in both directions.
18/36 not known to be in use
General Aviation companies usually use the runway which is located next to their operations center.

Spot #1 – Whataburger – 13L arrivals
WHERE This spot is situated next to a Whataburger and the Bachman Lake Park Trail. You have to pass the airport and turn into the Shorecast drive, which is parallel to the Bachman Lake trail. Pass the one and only bridge from this street and park your car just next to the Whataburger/Pharmacy. Cross the street and find a place along the lake for taking pictures.
WHAT 13L arrivals only.
TIME Best light conditions in the morning until ~11:00
MISC. Many stores along the W North Highway within walking distance.
FOCAL LENGTH 120mm for a 737

 Spot #2 – Bachman Lake – 13L arrivals
WHERE Again drive into the Shorecast drive and follow the road until you have passed the approach lights. After a hundred meters park your car on the shoulder and find your spot at the lake,
WHAT 13L arrivals only.
TIME Best light conditions from noon until evening.
MISC. Many stores along the W North Highway.
FOCAL LENGTH 120mm for a 737

Spot #3 – Parking Garage – 13R/31L movements
WHERE Drive to the airport and follow the signs to Garage A, Southwest parking. Once arrived at the garage use the signs to the upper level until you reach the platform where you can see the runway.
WHAT You see all the movements on 13R/31L and the parallel taxiway. You can use Garage B too, because their most upper level is higher than on Garage A. But its possible that you miss some arriving planes on 13R because they will leave the runway before they reach your location.
TIME Best light conditions in the morning until ~11:00.
MISC. Everything is inside the terminal. Parking for 30 min. is free of charge.
FOCAL LENGTH You a very close to the taxiway so a low focal lenght is needed.

I was at this spot for only 10 minutes and left this place pretty fast as there were no movements. So if you can support us with sample pictures, we are very thankful! Sample pic on Jetphotos.net

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