Missing photo locations or information

We just accept new spotting locations that really worth to mention and if there is no similiar spot in the guide. There must be a difference (angle, distance, background, etc.) if there is already a location for the same situation in the guide.

It can take some time until the pictures and the text is send to us.
Please wait at least one minute until you get the confirmation message.

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    GPS Coordinates


    (Detailed escription of where the spot is located and how to get there by car and park it. Also by foot/public tranport if possible. If there is a fence is a ladder needed or can you shot through the mesh?)


    (Which runway(s), taxiway(s), ramp area(s) are visible from this spot?)


    (What's the best time of the day to spot here (e. g. sunrise to noon)? Summer or winter only? Problem with heat haze during special months?)


    (Put anything important here, e. g. if food, drinks, restrooms are available and if there are any issues with police.)


    (Whats the focal length that you have used for your sample pictures (crop sensor camera))

    Sample photos (1MB maximum)

    Overview picture of the location (if possible)