How to add a spotting-guide

Thanks a lot for your interest in writing a guide!

Before you start please get in contact with us and tell us about your intention. Then read through this text carefully. has some standards for its guides to keep a structure on the website. Every report is splitted into serveral parts. At the beginning there is a small introducion of the airport followed by a table with general information. Thereafter is a google map with all the spots. And last but not least there is a detailed description of each spotting location, including sample pictures.

Please keep in mind that you know at least 2-3 spotting locations. If its a big airport you should have spots for every runway.

The first step is to create a google map with all the spots you have. We will send you a link to a dummy map. Thereafter you can start write the guide into a Word Document or something similar. Email is fine too. Once you are done please send us the Document and add (three or) six sample pictures for each location and if possible an overview photo. It is okay if there are one or two spots where you can´t support pictures. Your pictures should meet the “common” editing standard too. Correct leveling, cropping and no backlit are granted!

So if this is your first guide and you are willing to help us out, please read the following instructions and have a closer look at existing guides (Frankfurt or Rome for example) to meet our standards.

+++download this PDF for a detailed guideline+++