Toulouse-Blagnac Airport Spotting Guide

You’re looking for a jamboree bag? Visit Toulouse! The Blagnac-Airport is situated in southern France only a short hop away from the wonderful city of Toulouse. The lovely southern-French city is not just destination of many northern African carriers, it’s also home of Airbus and ATR. Astonishingly large hangars, filled with masses of brand-new Airbuses and new Prop-liner are all along the airport.

A variety like it is only at Toulouse! Some parts are every now and then brought by a huge freight aircraft so for a surprise is always catered! Talking of freight jets bringing parts, there is the massive and unique Airbus Beluga which is in service 365 days in a year!

Toulouse is France’s fourth busiest airport with a total of nearly 8 Mio. passengers by 2013. The airport offers two runways which are slightly displaced. EasyJet clearly dominates the Low-Cost traffic if not the entire traffic at Toulouse by linking the southern-french city with the capital or surrounding cities as well as the UK and Italy. Air France has set up a hub at TLS back in 2012 and added some routes to France, Germany, Morocco, Spain and Greece
By visiting Toulouse, you’ll be welcomed by an exotic mix of airlines from all over the world! And here’s the guide for it:

Written by Marlin & Jonas Lehmann (last update 2017)

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 12L/30R 12R/30L
4.000m (13,120ft) 4.000m (13,119ft)
Spotting Information Ladder No, there is no need for it
Car Makes it easier!
Restrooms Available at all publicly accessible buildings like restaurants or inside the terminal building
Drinks/Food There are supermarkets nearby the airport and food is available inside the airport’s terminals
Hotels There are many hotels nearby the airport belonging to all classes of categories.
Season Toulouse Airport is best to be visited during spring or autumn. Please not, that Airbus suspends production and delivery during a certain time in August when the company has a short rest during few weeks in the summer. Airbus also recesses on national holiday days like Christmas or All Saints’ Day. Only Beluga aircrafts are active on these days.
Runway Usage 14L/32R Flights departing from terminals and freight flights (As long as they are parked up on the civil aviation ramp) are departing on this runway due to shorter taxi time. Flight arrivals differ on ATC’s order.
14R/32L Airbus and ATR test flights are departing and landing on this runway

Spot #1 – Spotting hill
WHERE Follow the course of the road “Av. Latécoere” until the hill is visible on the right site. Turn right onto “Chemin de la Sabatere” and make your way up onto the hill. You can you’re your car right on the hill. Google Maps: 43.638658, 1.343098
WHAT Flight arrivals of runway 14R/32L can be observed from here as well as line-ups of the other runway which begins a few hundred meters beyond 14R. Airplanes being towed from the paint hangar to the main Final Assembly Line are coming along here and can be photographed perfectly. Airbus flights are taxiing right in front of the hill when RWY14s’ are in use. This hill offers an overview onto the Delivery centre as well.
TIME From noon to sunset
MISC. Heat haze can be a problem on hot days. A supermarket is not far from this point.
Spot #2 – Delivery centre
WHERE This spot is located at a lay-by of Av. Latécoere. Please note that parking is not allowed at this point but stopping for short time is possible of course. Google Maps: 43.636298, 1.346268
WHAT You can take photos of aircrafts being parked up at the Final Delivery Centre or airplanes towed from the Deliver hangar to the gate.
TIME Best light conditions are from at around sunset or during the afternoon.
MISC. Spot 1 is right next to this lay-by. You can easily walk from Spot 1 down to the lay-by. It is safer to park the car at Spot 1.
Spot #3 – Approach path 14R
WHERE This spot is at the roadside of Av. Latécoere. Check the map for its location or google maps at: 43.643732, 1.339033
WHAT This spot is suitable for ATR planes coming into land as your focal length at spot 1 might be not enough for smaller aircrafts or heat haze destroys the picture.
TIME From noon to sunset
MISC. Aplenty of facilities are nearby such as supermarkets or petrol stations
Spot #4 – Line-up 14R
WHERE By following the course of Route de Toulouse from the terminals and you’re going along the runways, a stop at this point is it definitely worth. It is located on a former taxiway which is nowadays used as a lay-by. Google Maps: 43.645961, 1.349690
WHAT From this spot you can take pictures of all runway 14R movements.
TIME Best light conditions are from sunrise until mid-morning or noon
MISC. A mall is nearby.
Spot #5 – A380 Final Assembly Line FAL
WHERE If you walk from Spot 4, just go along the fence until the hill is in sight. Walk up the hill and you will get a lovely view over the aircrafts. Google Maps: 43.648841, 1.350692

+++ UPDATE July 2017: spot is no longer available

WHAT A small hill near Spot 4 offers a marvellous view onto ATR or Airbus aircrafts which are parked up for a time at an unused taxiway. You are very close to them and you can easily look over the fence. At the same time, the A380s which are parked outside the hangar can be spotted from here as well.
TIME Best light conditions are from at around sunset or during the afternoon.
MISC. You can park your car at lay-by from Spot 4
FOCAL LENGTH Short lens for the parked aircrafts, depends on angle. The A380s are shot at 230mm when taking a “body-shot”. The Airbus A319 was taken at 45mm.
Spot #6 – Runway 14R Spot
WHERE There is a fire rescue path or something like that right at the line-up bay of runway 14L which offers a good view onto Runway 14R and 14L. Google Maps: 43.648841, 1.350692
WHAT Arrivals of runway 14R as well as line-ups of runway 14L.
TIME Best light conditions are from sunrise until mid-day
MISC. Parking your car there may is illegal. We do not have information as to it. You can park your car at the long-term parking (parking fee) nearby or another facilities.
FOCAL LENGTH 18-300mm – Airbus A330: 160mm; Airbus A320: 260mm
Spot #7 – Runway 32L Arrivals
WHERE Spot 7 is located at a big parking lot. It is the very same way until Spot 8, just exit the roundabout at its second exit and follow the street course until the big parking bay appears. Google Maps: 43.612619, 1.375174
WHAT Airplanes gliding down to runway 32L are perfectly visible from here. A fence prevents a view to the line-up bay.
TIME Best light conditions are from noon until sunset.
MISC. There is nothing special to mention at this spot.
FOCAL LENGTH 70-300mm – Airbus Beluga: 75mm; Boeing 767: 100mm; Boeing 737: 105mm
Spot #8 – Runway 32R Arrivals
WHERE If you follow Chemin de la Crabe until the roundabout near the company Moog Sarl, a sandy parking bay will appear on your right. Google Maps: 43.612001, 1.378899
WHAT Approaching aircrafts aiming landing for 32R, Departures are visible but not to be photographed from here, you ought to go yonder to the fence and that requires a ladder.
TIME Best light conditions are from noon until sunset.
MISC. Park your car immediate at this spot. It is legal to park here.
FOCAL LENGTH 50-300mm – Falcon Jet: 230mm

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10 thoughts on “Toulouse-Blagnac Airport Spotting Guide

  1. Al LEZG

    I ´ve got a question about point 5. A mate who visited the airport some time ago told me that some workers were installing a fence around that point. Is it possible to see airplanes from that point?

    1. MarlinMarlin

      Hi! I will check that for you, we have several contacts to Toulouse, they will tell us about it. I will give you information when I have the confirmation.

      1. MarlinMarlin

        Hey… So now we have the confirmation: its true that the spot is no longer accessible… We will delete the spot in the guide.

    1. MarlinMarlin

      As far as I know, there is no public transport connection to the spotting hill. You may have to go there by Taxi or rental car.

  2. Aaron Vancoillie

    Do you know during which period it suspends production? I’m going there this August so…

    1. JulianJulian

      I don´t really know but I guess its the same time when the schools are closed for the summer break.


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