Paderborn Lippstadt Airport Spotting Guide

The Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport (PAD/EDLP) is the 20th busiest airport in Germany and located 20km south-west of Paderborn (NRW). This small airport consists of a small terminal, a GAT, a few hangars and one runway (06/24). Paderborn is a typical „holiday airport“ people use to fly down south; for example to Mallorca, Hurghada or Antalya. There are regular charter flights in the summer connecting Paderborn to Varna and Heraklion. Lufthansa offers connecting flights to Munich and Frankfurt.

Despite of all these flights there’s not much traffic in Paderborn; only 703.000 passengers were counted 2016! At the moment (April 2017) there are 10 airlines flying to (seasonal) destinations in Germany, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria. Sometimes you’ll meet AN-26’s of the Bulgarian charter freight airline Bright Flight, which are usually parked on positions D and E (visible from Spot 2) until their next assignment. Likewise, two A320 operated by the German branch of Small Planet are stationed at Paderborn Airport, carrying vacationers to southern destinations. Luckily you can monitor the apron 24/7 via webcam, so you won’t miss a highlight:

For more information, you can use the WDR teletext, as well as the NRW-Aviation- Forum (

Written by Severin Hackenberger (local spotter).

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways  06/24
Terminals  Main Terminal  GAT
 Almost all passenger (and military) flights Business and Goverment Jets
Spotting Information Ladder A ladder is only mandatory on Spot 3. Otherwise you’ll have to shoot through the fence and get a vignette picture. I also recommend a ladder for the “Clubhaus”, because one can never know when the bushes have been trimmed the last time.
Car Depends on where you are coming from. Spot 2,3 and 4 are walking distance from the terminal, but spots 1 and 5 require a 30-40 min walk.
Restrooms Public restrooms are only to be found in the terminal.
Drinks/Food A small hot dog shop is being built in front of the terminal, but is yet to be opened (January 2017). There is a restaurant called “Triebwerk” in the QUAX-Hangar and a McDonalds an the A44 (exit Gesecke – 59). The next supermarket is located in Büren, and a small bakery is close-by.
Hotels In the proximity of the airport is a small hotel called “Airport Hotel Paderborn”.
Season There isn’t much traffic at Paderborn Airport, neither in the Summer nor in the Winter, which is why you can’t really determine main- or off-season, like one would find in Salzburg or Innsbruck.
Runway Usage  06/24 All operations are carried out on Runway 06/24, as it is Paderborn’s only Runway.

Spot #1 – Fieldarrivals
WHERE This position is relatively easy to find, because it’s directly next to L751. Driving on the “Alter Hellweg” road from the airport to the north-east, take the third exit at the roundabout, leading to L776. On the left, you should see a small meadow and a small street. Follow this street to the fence, where you can park your car. Position yourself according to time of day and desired perspective.
WHAT This spot is good for pictures of planes landing on Runway 24.
TIME Lighting situation is alright from dawn to dusk, around 4 p.m. you’ll have to cross the field (from Spot 1B to 1A), as by then the sun has crossed the Runway axis and the planes will be lit from the other side.
MISC. There are no foods/drinks at this spot. Closest would be the terminal. No ladder needed.
FOCAL LENGTH 30 – 120mm

B737 (taken from 1B) = 90mm / MD-83 (taken from 1A) = 60mm

Spot #2 – Carpark
WHERE This spot is easily accessible by foot. Leaving the terminal building and looking left (north-east), you’ll see a relatively high parking garage. You can already see the spot, you’ll just have to get up on the roof/highest floor, from where you have the best view. Arriving by car, I suggest using the free QUAX-parking north of spot 2. Unfortunately, on weekends, this car park is often full. You can use Airport Parking, which is free the first 30 minutes.
WHAT Planes parking at D/E. Also, any plane movement hast to drive by the parking garage, no matter is starting or landing. Thanks to the big parking area you can choose your position freely.
TIME Regarding the parked planes, it really depends on the angle they are standing in (I suggest SunCalc for more precise information). Airplanes on the runway should be fine until 4 p.m.
MISC. You’ll find food/drinks and restroom in the terminal directly next to you.
FOCAL LENGTH 60 – 120mm

A340 = 70mm / Avion Express A320 = 100mm / AN-26 = 80mm / B737 = 105mm / AB A320 = 230mm / C-130 = 115mm

Spot #3 – Towerfence
WHERE This spot is exactly between the tower and the terminal. Just exit the terminal and keep right. Again, if you’re arriving by car, I suggest Airport Parking as it is free the first 30 minutes.
WHAT This spot is limited to planes parked directly in front of the tower. Aircraft movement on the Runway is difficult to take pictures of because of your small view window.
TIME The lighting depends on the parking position, so it’s hard to give some general information here, but definitely until 1 p.m. (C-130’s position) or 4 p.m. (position of the ATR-42) On the runway, as from everywhere, until 4 p.m.
MISC. Ladder is mandatory as the fence is quite finely woven. Restroom and foods in the terminal.
FOCAL LENGTH  30 – 100mm

C-130 = 50mm / ATR-42 = 90mm / Global Express = 70mm

Spot #4 – Clubhaus
WHERE Follow the airport road from the tower, down the little hill. On the right side you should find the GAT and in 300m you`ll get to an intersection. Turn right and follow the small road to the gate. ON the right side you should find some parking spaces, where you can leave your car. Watch out for reserved parking though. Walk up the steps on the side of the road; you are at the spot!
WHAT You can see literally everything from the Clubhaus. You can even see the apron from here, which makes this spot a real allrounder.
TIME Planes on the runway are well lit until 4 p.m., on the apron (positions A-E) from 2 p.m. ‘till sunset.
MISC. Bring a ladder, just to be sure, as the bushes here can grow quite tall. Please clean up after yourself and take trash with you, as this terrace is property of „Luftsportverein Geseke e. V.“ Keep in mind, there are no shops or restrooms here. In the summer time, you might find heat flickering, especially on the apron.
FOCAL LENGTH 18 – 270mm

A330 = 210mm / C-17 = 170mm / Cessna = 80mm / B737 = 200mm / A321 = 105mm / A320 = 70mm

Spot #5 – L637
WHERE This position is easy to reach, it is right next to L637. Follow the “Alter Hellweg” road in south-west direction. You’ll get to a roundabout where you should take the second exit. Leave the following roundabout at the first exit, and follow the highway until you pass the runway lights. Now you can leave your car on the right side of the road (see pictures) and position yourself as you want.
WHAT All planes landing on 06 or starting on 24 will pass you. Starting planes are often pretty high, which is why I recommend this spot for planes coming onto 06.
TIME This position is only usable from February to mid-November, due lighting. Otherwise you’ll be fine from 4 p.m. until sunset.
MISC. Watch out so you don’t get hit by a car, walk onto the field a bit. NO ladder needed. No public restrooms or any infrastructure. Next would be the McDonald’s/Rewe in Streinhausen.
FOCAL LENGTH 90 – 350mm

A330 = 100mm / A320 = 130mm / Cessna = 300mm

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