Nagoya Chubu Centrair Spotting Guide

This is the international airport of the Nagoya metropolitan area (RJGG / NGO). The airport is known as “Chubu Kuko” in Japan, the English name is “Central Japan International Airport”, “Centrair” for short. The airport is located approx. 30 km south of Nagoya on an artificial island. The nearest city is Tokoname. About 9 million passengers are handled per year.

The airport was opened in 2005 and took over the international services from the old Komaki Airport.

ANA and JAL are the two major airlines at NGO. The major carriers of the Far East serve the airport as well as some other Chinese and Korean operators. Long Haul operators include Finnair (A330/340) and Lufthansa (A340) from Europe, Etihad (A330) from the Middle East, Delta (777) and United (737, from Guam) from the U.S. Besides, Delta also operates a daily 757 shuttle service to Narita. However, most operations are domestic flights, so you should visit this airport especially if you look for Japanese narrowbodies.

Sunny weather is common at this airport, but during the hot summer months you sometimes have to face misty conditions. You usually have to face strong winds at this airport.

Written by Maximilian Ono / Last time visited: March 2011

Rating Movements
Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Informations    Runways 18/36
3.500 m
Terminals Single terminal for all carriers
Spotting Informations  Ladder not required
Car not required
Restrooms Inside terminal buildings and on Sky Deck.
Drinks/Food Inside terminal buildings and on Sky Deck.
Hotels Centrair Hotel on the airport island. Possibly there are other hotels on the shore in Tokoname
Season All year long.
Runway Usage  18/36 is available in both directions. However, I always witnessed Runway 36 operations during my three visits.

Spot #1 – Sky Deck – Runway 18/36 arrivals and departures, Overview of the main Apron
WHERE From the check-in area, take the escalator upstairs to 4th floor and cross the shopping facilities. At their end, you’ll find the entrance to SkyDeck, a huge free oberservation deck on top of the main pier.
WHAT As NGO is located on an island, this is the only place to spot from. You can view all parking positions, especially the planes parked on the main pier (both domestic and international flights). If you move to the far end of the pier, you can spot movements on the two main taxiways Alpha and Bravo directly in front of you as well as departures and arrivals on the runway. The fence of the terrace consists of elastic horizontal bars. The space between the bars is big enough to put a camera lense in between, so the fence is not a problem for spotters.
TIME Best light conditions for runway action is in the morning until 11 AM. Planes taxiing north of the pier (mainly domestic flights) can be pictured all day.
MISC. Food and drinks can be bought inside the terminal building or if you go downstairs in the middle of Sky Deck, but it’s also possible to bring in food from outside to eat it here. There are various benches and seating opportunities inside the building as well as on the building’s terrace. Monitors show the current flight information.
FOCAL LENGTH approx. 40-80mm for planes on the nearest taxiways, according to aircraft size. 100-150mm for planes on the runway.

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  1. Paul Hargreaves

    How can an airport in 2017 with an observation deck only get 2 stars for photo locations? OK, only one, but wow…………

    1. JulianJulian

      Pretty easy, there is no chance of spotting from the afternoon as you have backlit then. Furthermore there are no spots for the arrivals.

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