Singapore Changi Spotting Guide

Singapore Changi Airport handled 55.5 Million Passengers in2015 and is one of Asias biggest airports. Changi Airport is a Hub of Air Asia, Jetstar Asia Airlines, Scoot, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines, singapore Airlines Cargo, Tiger Air and Valuair.  
The Airport is served by by Airlines from the most parts of the world except South America. The main targets are in Asia and Europe. The Airport is also served by many cargo Airlines and serves a lot of desitinations all arround the globe too. The Airlines handles a couple of different Airbus A380 a day including Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Lufthansa. The oldest Aircrafts operating into Singapore are the Boeing B727F and B732F of Transmile Air Service.

Written by Patrick Weis and Marcus / Last update Dec 2016

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 02L/20R 02C/20C 02R/20L
4.000 m (13.123ft)  4.000 m (13.123ft)  2.750 m (9.022 ft)
 Military runway (no spotting possible)
Spotting Information Ladder Not necessary as it’s not allowed to to stand at the fence
Car Not neccesary, but makes it much easier than explain the taxidrivers. The most of the spots are reachable by public transports.
Restrooms There is a public toilet at the Beach and in the Terminal
Drinks/Food Take drinks and snacks with you at the moring spot. At the terminal and at the afthernoon beach spot there is a restaurant
Hotels The are a few Hotels arround the Airport but they are verry expensive.
Season The best month to travel are February to September. You can go here the whole year round but it rains more from Oktober – January
Runway Usage 02L/20R Normally 02L/20R is in use for landing
02C/20C Normally 02C/20C is in use for depature

Spot #1 – Morning 20R
WHERE This spot is located at a bus stop between the ferry terminal and the Changi Beach on the morning side of the Airport. Bus stops, ferry terminal and parking are directly at this location.
WHAT You will get most of the traffic on arival into Singapore
TIME Best light conditions in the winter are from sunrise till 11:00
MISC. There is a rubbish bin and a bench at the spot. Restaurant/Supermarket/toilet at spot #2.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-400mm

Spot #2 – Afthernoon 20R
WHERE This spot is located at the Changi Beach near the restaurant at the beach. Depends where you spot the angle is different. Bus stops, ferry terminal and parking are directly at this location.
WHAT This spot is good for Aircrafts arriving into Runway 20R
TIME Best light conditions are from 14:00 to sunset
MISC. There is a restaurant, a Supermarket, public toilets and benches
FOCAL LENGTH 100-400 mm

Spot #3 – Afthernoon 02L
WHERE This spot is located in the Changi Buisness Park Central Road. From MTR “Tanah Merah” take bus 47 or from MTR “Expo” take bus 47 or 118 to Changi Business Park Bus Terminal. From there it is just a short walk to find your preferred location. There are several places to be in the shadow. In case of a rain shower find a shelter at the bus terminal. You can also walk up the Changi South Ave 1 until you’re at the Changi Buisness Park Central Road. Turn right and choose you’re position for spotting the planes
WHAT From this spot you can take all plane movements arriving on 02L
TIME Best light conditions are from 14:00 till sunset
MISC. Beware of the traffic here! No facilitys and foodstores at the spot. Take everything with you. At MTR “Expo” a shopping mall with supermarket and food court is open all day. Several small local restaurants offering good and cheap food. A McDonald’s can be found there as well…
FOCAL LENGTH 100-400mm

Spot #4 – Terminal 1 Observation Deck
WHERE This spot is located in the terminal 1. Follow the signs to the deck
WHAT From this spot you can take many planes taxiing to and from the runways or from and to Terminal 1. The best view is through the emergency exit window as this one is the clearest window. A lot of Heathaze here!
TIME Best light conditions are from 11:00 till sunset depends which acitivities.
MISC. Everything you need is in the terminal

Spot #5 – Crown Plaza Changi Airport Hotel
WHERE The hotel is located next to Terminal 3. Follow the signs inside the building to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Ask for a runway view room on a high floor. You can also book it directly on the hotel website. Or take a cheaper room and walk to the open bridges on the 9th floor to take your pictures (see pic below). Rooms are from 180 SGD. Before reservation apply for IHG Rewards membership to get discount and late check out.
WHAT From this spot you can take all plane movements on Runway 02L/20R and everything taxying in front of you. Pictures can be taken from the room through tinted glass or from an outside bridge on each floor.
TIME Best light conditions are from sunrise till 12:00 depends if runway or taxiing. Also night shots are possible.
MISC. All you need is in the Terminal.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-400 mm

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One thought on “Singapore Changi Spotting Guide

  1. Ralph Popken

    Hello there dear spotters,

    I just came back from spotting at Changi Airport and it was very nice.
    Best place to stay is at Village Hotel Changi, so nearby and you could even spot from the 7th level of that hotel from the balkony.
    But if you do that I would recommend 200 – 400mm

    I did spot at spot #1, that is about 15 min walk from the hotel.

    Spot #2 I did not do at the beach but at the little harbour. You will have an opening window between the trees, as the planes are a bit lower.
    The advantage of this spot is that the little foodshops are so close by, hehehe

    And of course at last I spotted at Terminal 1 on 3 levels !
    Note: Even when you note traveling, you can spot as a visitor !

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