Palma de Mallorca Airport Spotting Guide

Mallorca served almost 23 Mio passengers in 2015 and is a tourist mekka for Europeans especially from Germany, United Kingdom and Scandinavian Countries. Most traffic is during the peak season (May-September) especially during the weekend. Germans Air Berlin even has a hub at PMI and serves many airports in Spain too. The traffic is dominated by single aisle aircraft like the A320 family or Boeings 737 but heavies still flying to PMI with 332, 333, 752, 753, 763 & 787. Russian charter flights are not coming with lot of aircraft. Transaero, Sibir S7, Ural are still operates 1 flight per day with 320, 321, 734 or 772…Regular visitors from GERMANY are (Air Berlin, Condor, Eurowings, Germania, Germanwings, Lufthansa, TUIfly), from ENGLAND (British Airways, BA Cityflyer, Easyjet, Flybee, Jet2, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways & Titan Airways), from SCANDINAVIAN countries (Danish Air Transport, Finnair, Jettime, Norwegian, Primera, Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Scandinavia, Tuifly Nordic) but also a lot of others different companies like, Small Planet, Wizz Air, Neos, Meridiana, Alitalia, Air France, HOP!, Air Meridiana, Transavia, Ryanair, Air Europa, Vueling, Iberia Express, Arke, Orbest, Evelop, AlbaStar,Ural, Sibir S7, etc.

Written by Gary Culpan, Jeremy Denton & Julian Mittnacht / (Updated August 2015)

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Airline Variety
Photo Locations
Airport Information Runways 06L/24R 06R/24L
3.270 m (10.728 ft) 3.000 m (9.842 ft)
Terminals Module A (west side) Module C (north side) Module D (east side)
non schengen flights mainly Air Berlin mainly Ryanair
TuiFly, Vueling
Spotting Information Ladder not needed
Car highly recommend
Restrooms Restaurants/Shopping mall around the airport
Drinks/Food Everywhere around the airport
Hotels We could suggest to you these two hotels (Sant Jordi Hotel & Elios Mallorca Hotel).
Season The charter season is from May to September, especially during Weekends. After that it gets pretty quiet.
Runway Usage  24R mainly used for departures as 24 L is used for arrivals
24L mainly in use for arrivals as 24R is used for departures
06R used for departures only. No arrivals!
06L mainly in use for arrivals as they use 06R for departures

Spot #1 – Son Oms Industrial Park – 06R Departures
WHERE To reach the spot you have to drive into the Son Oms industrial park and search for the ‘Carre Son Oms 4’. There is a big buidling and a ramp on the left outside is leading to the roof where you find some small offices.
UPDATE: We have heard that its no longer tolerated to spot at the top of the building and there is a crash barrier so you can´t drive up the ramp anymore. You can still walk up there but be prepared that you are asked to leave this place. Spot #2 is a good alternative for the take offs.
WHAT This place is only good if RWY06R is in use for departures. You can use it also when RWY24L is used for arrivals but most aircraft will exit the runway before they passed your position. Airlines who are using the Module D are within your reach. But photography is acceptable in the moring only as there will be too much heat haze during the day.
TIME Best in in the morning hours until afternoon (depends on the time of the year)
MISC. There are no restrooms or shops around this spot! There is a small café but its not open all the day.
FOCAL LENGTH 50-200 mm

Spot #2 – Dirt Mound – 06R Departures, 24L Arrivals
WHERE From spot 1, follow the roads northwards to Sant Jordi and take the first exit (if you want to park at the petrol station) or take the second exit and turn directly on the left as you see the way to the dirt mound. Its a dirt mound pretty close to the perimeter fence of the airport. The way where the spot is located is sometimes blocked due to a chain. If the chain is down on the round and don’t block the access you can go and parked your car next to the spot. In case if the chain is blocking the way, we recommend you to park your car next to a petrol station and walk to the position or to parked next to the roundabout on the sand.
WHAT Perfect if RWY06R is in use for departures or RWY24L for arrivals. You are very close to the runway and can overlook the fence.
TIME From early morning hours until 14:45 (depends on the time of the year)
MISC. You find some snacks/drinks at the petrol station. The hill is not the nicest place you would like to stay for a long period as it was used as an illegal garbage-dump by some idiots. May it will change due to the closure of the road by the authorities.
FOCAL LENGTH 65mm = 763 / 78mm = 321 / 95mm = 190 / 116mm = CRJ2

 Spot #3 – Mountains – 24L Arrivals
WHERE Part way down the side of runway 24L in a lay-by just set back from the road to Sant Jordi. Just park your car where marked on the map and walk about 200 hundred yards. You will see a driveway to a gate. Just stand here a bit back from the busy road. It could be a problem if it’s really hot or you may be afraid how close we are from the roads, the cars and buses so in case, you can just seat in your car or next to it and takes pictures from there.
WHAT You will only see 24L arrivals from this place. Step ladders are needed if you want to avoid the fence at bottom of the frame. You get nice mountain backgrounds from here. Or from the parking position you won’t see the mountains backgrounds.
TIME From early morning hours until 14:45 (depends on the time of the year)
MISC. The road is busy and a lot of coaches come past very fast so you have to be careful at the side of the road and bring with you what you need (drinks & foods) from the petrol station (see on the map).
FOCAL LENGTH 140mm = 321 / 170mm = 190 / 210mm = Legacy / 380mm = Cessna Citation

Spot #4 – Sant Jordi – 24L Arrivals
WHERE This spot is located along the Sant Jordi Road. If you follow the road from spot #2 northwards you will come to the next roundabout. Take the first exit and you will enter the ‘Carrer Sant Jordi’. Park your car on the right side next to the windmill. Here you can stay until the afternoon.
WHAT Its an alternative to spot 3 for 24L arrivals but the angle is different here and not so good. The advantage is that you don´t stand so close to the road and its more “comfortable” here.
TIME From earyl morning until ~14:30 (in the summer)
MISC. There are no restrooms or shops around this spot. Have a look around and you will find benches and some trees who spend some shadow.
FOCAL LENGTH 50-200 mm

Spot #5 – Landings afternoon runway 24L
WHERE From spot 4, continue until the first roundabout then take the third exit for about few meters, next to a small way on the right. Park your car next to the road and stay close to it.
WHAT Only landings on runway 24L.
TIME From ~16:30 until the end of the day (in the summer)
MISC. Nothing next to this spot, bring with you what you need.
FOCAL LENGTH 170mm = 320/738 / 210mm = ATR-72 / 380mm = Cessna Citation

Spot #6 – Air Europa hangars – 24R Departures
WHERE This location is pretty close to the terminals and is next to the Air Europa hangar. If you start at the terminal, don’t use the freeway that leads to Palma. Try to get into the ‘Carrer son Fangós’. You will pass the ‘Park&Fly facilities on the right side and after that make a right turn into a dead end road which leads to the employee parking. Don’t enter these parking areas and stay on the road. There are no parking signs but you don’t have to worry. The Police doesn’t care if you stay close to your car. The road is not very busy, so you don’t get bothered.
WHAT Only okay for 24R Departures. You will see the aircraft rotating pretty late so always be prepared to make a picture.
TIME From early morning hours until 14:45 (depends on the time of the year)
MISC. There are no restrooms or shops around this spot! You can go to the terminal to find the facilities.
FOCAL LENGTH 210mm = 753 / 290mm = 321 / 340mm = 320 / 420mm = ATR72

  Spot #7 – Dirt Mound – 24R Departures,06L Arrivals
WHERE To get to this place you have to drive to the opposite site of the mentioned spots above. Its one of the most famous spots in Mallorca and is visited by locals as well. The area is not the best because some kind of a ghetto is close to the spot. But you don’t need to worry if you stay there!! If you start at spot 5, just follow the ‘Carrer son Fangós’ for 2 km until you will see a big ‘Carrefour’ supermarket on the right side. Inside you will find Restrooms and Fast Food locations as well. Turn the next left and you will come to a roundabout immediately. Take the first exit to ‘Son Ferriol’. Take the next exit and you will be in the next roundabout. But there is only one exit you can take and you will drive into the ‘Ctra. Llucmajor’. Now you follow this route all way down until you will reach the perimeter fence. On the left side you will find a very long dirt hill. Park your car along the road and climb up the hill between the bushes to overlook the airport area.
WHAT Nice place because its close to the runway. You can get some great rotating shots if they us 24R for departures.
TIME From 17:00 until the end of the day (depends on the time of the year)
MISC. There are no restrooms or shops around this spot! Make a stop at the supermarket where you will find restrooms as well. (marked on the map)
FOCAL LENGTH 95mm = 738 / 140mm = ATR72 / 210mm = Saab 340

  Spot #8 – Beach – 06L Arrivals
WHERE I can´t really tell you how to get there. Its pretty easy to find the spot because you will see the aircrafts lining up over the oceans. Just park your car at the ‘Carrer Prol Denton’ (parking slot is marked on the map) and walk down to the water (don’t forget your swimming trunk). An alternative is to stay on the road as you are a little bit higher but you are further away from the action and need a longer focal length.
WHAT You will only see 06L arrivals from the ocean at this place.
TIME Best in in the morning hours until afternoon (depends on the time of the year)
MISC. You should find restrooms and restaurants pretty close to this location. There is now shadow on the beach but you can easily jump into the water to cool down.
FOCAL LENGTH 100-300 mm

  Spot #9 – Blue Bridge
WHERE From the spot 2, take the direction to the sea or airport terminal. Drive the long road until the first roundabout and take the first exit to your right. Then, you pass next to a petrol station called EPSO, continue strait until you reach another small roundabout which is close to airport fences where you can see the parked business jets. Drive 5 meters after the roundabout and park your car next to the road on the sand. Don’t stay to much of time here.
WHAT You can enjoy a large view of the business jets ramp where you can take easily lots of pictures.
TIME From 16:30 until the end of the day.
MISC. Nothing at this spot and anyway, you won’t stay here longer than 10 minutes.
FOCAL LENGTH Depend how far the aircraft is and how big is he. But in my occasion, I used 170mm until 380mm.

   Spot #10 – Business Jets ramp
WHERE From the spot 9, continue on the same road until the first roundabout. Take the first exit to your right then first on the left, again first on the left and finally first to your right where you arrived in an open parking. Don’t stay to much of time here.
WHAT You can take easily shot through the fence every business jets in front of you that you can’t take from spot 9.
TIME From 16:30 until the end of the day.
MISC. Nothing at this spot and anyway, you won’t stay here longer than 10 minutes.
FOCAL LENGTH 50mm to 100mm

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8 thoughts on “Palma de Mallorca Airport Spotting Guide

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  2. elke

    Spot #1:
    Ther cafe around the corner in the groundfloor is open again: There you’ll find restrooms. And they have delicious cheap Food like sanswiches, noodles for example. The place on the terrace 1 floor underneath the top floor is great in the afternoon, becauce the is shadow 🙂 You don’t have any shadow on the topp floor, accessable by small staircase.

  3. adam bryant

    stayed at the roc linda hotel in can pastlla 20-25th june – from there spot 9 and spot 2 are easy to get to by cycle – an easy 20 min cycle – only small thing to note is the last part is on a main road but the cycle path is quite wide , the cycle hire is only 10 euro for 24h so you don’t have a time problem , other good news is all the bushes that you had to shot through have been taken down so you get a clear shot – for me I do video so it made it very easy – only other thing is there is still a lot of rubbish there , after a full day try the Manchester pub next to the KFC – a good night out after a full day in the sun -spot 2 for me was fine till 6 – if you like a touch down shot that is the place to go , if you need direction from the hotel to the blue bridge at spot 9 il let any one know – its very easy.

  4. Carl Symington

    Can anyone suggest a cheap hotel or B&B in Can Pastilla? Ideally I would like a balcony with a view of the departures. They didn’t seem to land from the sea.
    I stayed there in 1982 in the Hotel Gaby (probably long gone) but I was on the roof and was able to read registrations with binoculars. It was also close enough to walk to the airport (I was 16).
    Gone back to searching….

    1. MarlinMarlin

      Hi Carl!

      There is a rub in it because the vast part of the hotels in Can Pastilla is located in Can Pastilla South whilst only a few hotels are available in Can Pastilla North. The catch is that airplanes take off on RWY24R and the other runway but 06R only! So no airplanes will be visible from the vast part of the hotel in Can Pastilla South. There is only a Ríu Center Hotel or Marina Luz Apartments which may offer a view onto RWY24R departures or RWY06L arrivals.

      However, we can recommend the Java Hotel in Can Pastilla, offering a great breakfast menu but you only have a view onto the apron, not onto departures due to the runway operation restrictions.

      Please refer to for further info.

      Cheers Carl, hope that was helpful!

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