July 26, 2018

Central Air Force Museum, Monino – Russia

June 18, 2016

Moscow Domodedovo Spotting Guide

Located 30 km south of the Russian megapolis, Domodedovo Airport is the largest airport in the country and welcomed over 29 Mio. passengers in 2018. It […]
December 16, 2014

Moscow Sheremetyevo Spotting Guide

Moscow Sheremetyevo is one of the three major airports (the other being Vnukovo and Domodedovo) serving Russia capital city. It is the second busiest airport in […]
August 12, 2013

Moscow Vnukovo Airport Spotting Guide

Vnukovo International Airport is one of three major airports serving the Russian capital Moscow. It is located around 27 kilometers southwest of the city centre. Although […]